Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

Interpretation involves conveying a message that a speaker shares in one language to the listener, who communicates in a different language. These services offer a solution for those with a language barrier, especially when they meet face-to-face or need a real-time conversation.

While companies attempt to replicate interpretation services through technology, interpreters are essential in sharing information across language groups.

Types of Interpretation

Interpreting can look different based on your particular needs and the situation concerned. Since there are various types of interpretation, this service can be provided digitally, over the phone, or face-to-face. It can be offered in real-time or be provided as a transcription later. The most common forms of interpretation are:

*Consecutive Interpretation – Here, the speaker conveys a sentence or a short paragraph and then pauses. The interpreter then translates that into the second language. This is ideal for audiences during conferences.

*Simultaneous Interpretation – Also known as real-time interpreters, these interpreters provide the translation for what the speakers are sharing as they deliver the message. This is common in governmental offices and meetings, especially when interpretation is needed in more than one language. The person needing to understand a different language wears earphones and listens to the translated version of what is spoken.

*Sight Interpretation – This is used to interpret documents, especially letters. The interpreter looks at the original material and conveys its meaning to the customer or second-language speaker.

As one can see, interpretation is often required to be very quick and analytical to fully convey the meaning of the original message of the speaker to the listeners. Therefore, to be effective, interpreters must be fluent in both languages, the original and the target language. Secondly, they must be good at remembering and organising their points, particularly in simultaneous translation. Interpretation is not just about using the correct language but also the right words.

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